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Public Member Functions

 ReportGenerator (String configName, ReportProgressIndicator progressIndicator)
void generateReports ()
void generateReports (Map< String, ReportModule > modules)

Static Public Member Functions

static String getReportsDirectory ()

Private Member Functions

void displayReportErrors ()
void generateFileListReport (FileReportModule fileReportModule, FileReportSettings fileReportSettings) throws IOException
void generateGeneralReport (GeneralReportModule generalReportModule, GeneralReportSettings reportSettings) throws IOException
void generatePortableCaseReport (PortableCaseReportModule portableCaseReportModule, PortableCaseReportModuleSettings settings) throws IOException
void generateTableReport (TableReportModule tableReport, TableReportSettings tableReportSettings) throws IOException
List< AbstractFile > getFiles ()
void setupProgressPanel (ReportModule module, String reportDir)
boolean shouldFilterFromReport (AbstractFile file, FileReportSettings fileReportSettings)

Static Private Member Functions

static String createReportDirectory (ReportModule module) throws IOException

Private Attributes

final String configName
List< String > errorList = new ArrayList<>()
final ReportProgressPanel progressIndicator
final ReportGenerationPanel reportGenerationPanel

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ReportGenerator.class.getName())
static final String REPORT_PATH_FMT_STR = "%s" + File.separator + "%s %s %s" + File.separator
static final String REPORTS_DIR = "Reports"

Detailed Description

A report generator that generates one or more reports by running user-selected report modules.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( String  configName,
ReportProgressIndicator  progressIndicator 

Constructs a report generator that generates one or more reports by running user-selected report modules and uses a report progress indicator to display progress.

configNameThe name of the reporting configuration to use.
progressIndicatorThe report progress indicator.

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Member Function Documentation

static String ( ReportModule  module) throws IOException
void ( )

Displays a list of errors emitted by report modules during report generation using this report generator's report progress indicator.

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Referenced by

void ( FileReportModule  fileReportModule,
FileReportSettings  fileReportSettings 
) throws IOException
void ( GeneralReportModule  generalReportModule,
GeneralReportSettings  reportSettings 
) throws IOException
void ( PortableCaseReportModule  portableCaseReportModule,
PortableCaseReportModuleSettings  settings 
) throws IOException
void ( )

Generates the reports specified by the reporting configuration passed in via the constructor. Does lookup of all existing report modules.

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void ( Map< String, ReportModule modules)
void ( TableReportModule  tableReport,
TableReportSettings  tableReportSettings 
) throws IOException
List<AbstractFile> ( )
static String ( )

Gets the name of the reports directory within the case direcotry hierarchy.

The directory name.

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void ( ReportModule  module,
String  reportDir 
boolean ( AbstractFile  file,
FileReportSettings  fileReportSettings 

Member Data Documentation

final String
List<String> = new ArrayList<>()

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final Logger = Logger.getLogger(ReportGenerator.class.getName())

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final ReportProgressPanel
final String = "%s" + File.separator + "%s %s %s" + File.separator

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final ReportGenerationPanel

Definition at line 67 of file

final String = "Reports"

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