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void addRow (AbstractFile toAdd, List< FileReportDataTypes > columns)
void endReport ()
void endTable ()
default ReportModuleSettings getConfiguration ()
default JPanel getConfigurationPanel ()
default ReportModuleSettings getDefaultConfiguration ()
String getDescription ()
String getName ()
String getRelativeFilePath ()
default void setConfiguration (ReportModuleSettings settings)
void startReport (String baseReportDir)
void startTable (List< FileReportDataTypes > headers)

Detailed Description

A Report Module that reports information on files in a case.


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Member Function Documentation

void ( AbstractFile  toAdd,
List< FileReportDataTypes columns 

Add the given AbstractFile as a row in the table. Guaranteed to be called between startTable and endTable.

toAddthe AbstractFile to be added.
columnsthe columns that should be included
void ( )

End the report. Will be called after the entire report has been written.

void ( )

Close the table.

default ReportModuleSettings ( )

Get current configuration for this report module.

Object which contains current report module settings.

Implemented in,, and

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default JPanel ( )
default ReportModuleSettings ( )
String ( )
String ( )
String ( )

Gets the relative path of the report file, if any, generated by this module. The path should be relative to the location that gets passed in to generateReport() (or similar).

Relative path to where report will be stored. Return an empty string if the location passed to generateReport() is the output location. Return null to indicate that there is no report file.

Implemented in,,,, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.ExtractAllTermsReport,,, and

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default void ( ReportModuleSettings  settings)
void ( String  baseReportDir)

Initialize the report which will be stored at the given path.

baseReportDirBase directory to store the report file in. Report should go into baseReportDir + getRelativeFilePath().
void ( List< FileReportDataTypes headers)

Start the file list table.

headersThe columns that should be included in the table.

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