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The Sleuth Kit
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The Sleuth Kit can be used in two ways. The C library can be incorporated into larger digital forensic tools and the command line tools can be used directly by a user.


This section can help you find information on using the command line tools that come with TSK. Tool documents can be broken into two categories: those that come with the tools and those that are on the Wiki. Here are some useful starting points on the Wiki:

You can also subscribe to the Sleuth Kit Users e-mail list, which is a forum for discussing the tools.

The remainder of this page contains links to the documents that come with TSK. You can access the man pages from the Wiki.

Reference Documents

For a general file system reference, check out my File System Forensic Analysis book.

Sleuth Kit Implementation Notes (SKINs)

C Library

The wiki contains information on how to use the library: