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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren Class Reference

Inherits Detachable< Content >, and Observer.

Public Member Functions

void update (Observable o, Object arg)

Protected Member Functions

boolean createKeys (List< Content > list)
Node createNodeForKey (Content key)

Private Member Functions

 MediaSubTypeNodeChildren (String mimeType)
long calculateItems (SleuthkitCase sleuthkitCase, String mime_type)
String createQuery (String mime_type)

Private Attributes

final String mimeType

Detailed Description

Factory for populating the contents of the Media Sub Type Node with the files that match MimeType which is represented by this position in the tree.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren ( String  mimeType)

Member Function Documentation

long org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.calculateItems ( SleuthkitCase  sleuthkitCase,
String  mime_type 

Get children count without actually loading all nodes

count(*) - the number of items that will be shown in this items Directory Listing

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References org::sleuthkit::datamodel::SleuthkitCase.countFilesWhere(), and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.createQuery().

boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.createKeys ( List< Content list)

Uses the createQuery method to complete the query, Select * from tsk_files WHERE. The results from the database will contain the files which match this mime type and their information.

list- will contain all files and their attributes from the tsk_files table where mime_type matches the one specified

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.createQuery(), and org::sleuthkit::datamodel::SleuthkitCase.findAllFilesWhere().

Node org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.createNodeForKey ( Content  key)

Creates the content to populate the Directory Listing Table view for each file


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References org::sleuthkit::datamodel::Content.accept().

String org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.createQuery ( String  mime_type)
void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.update ( Observable  o,
Object  arg 

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Member Data Documentation

final String org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.FileTypesByMimeType.MediaSubTypeNodeChildren.mimeType

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