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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane Class Reference

Inherits TitledPane.


interface  CheckedConsumer
class  EnumSliderLabelFormatter

Public Member Functions

 ZoomSettingsPane (TimeLineController controller)
void initialize ()

Private Attributes

final TimeLineController controller
Label descrLODLabel
Slider descrLODSlider
final EventsModel filteredEvents
Label timeUnitLabel
Slider timeUnitSlider
Label typeZoomLabel
Slider typeZoomSlider
Label zoomLabel

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ZoomSettingsPane.class.getName())

Detailed Description

A Panel that acts as a view for a given TimeLineController/FilteredEventsModel. It has sliders to provide context/control over three axes of zooming (timescale, event hierarchy level, and description level of detail).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.ZoomSettingsPane ( TimeLineController  controller)

Member Function Documentation

void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.initialize ( )

In order for the selected value in the time unit slider to correspond to the amount of time used as units along the x-axis of the view, and since we don't want to show "forever" as a time unit, the range of the slider is restricted, and there is an offset of 1 between the "real" value, and what is shown in the slider labels.

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ViewMode.COUNTS, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.EventsModel.descriptionLODProperty(), org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.EventsModel.eventTypesHierarchyLevelProperty, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.TimeLineController.getJodaTimeZone(), org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.utils.RangeDivision.getRangeDivision(), org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ViewMode.LIST, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.EventsModel.timeRangeProperty, and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.TimeLineController.viewModeProperty().

Member Data Documentation

final TimeLineController org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.controller
Label org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.descrLODLabel

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Slider org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.descrLODSlider

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final EventsModel org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.filteredEvents

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final Logger org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.logger = Logger.getLogger(ZoomSettingsPane.class.getName())

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Label org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.timeUnitLabel

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Slider org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.timeUnitSlider

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Label org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.typeZoomLabel

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Slider org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.typeZoomSlider

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Label org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.zooming.ZoomSettingsPane.zoomLabel

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