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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestProgressSnapshotProvider Interface Reference

Inherited by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestManager.

Public Member Functions

List< SnapshotgetIngestJobSnapshots ()
List< IngestManager.IngestThreadActivitySnapshot > getIngestThreadActivitySnapshots ()
Map< String, Long > getModuleRunTimes ()

Detailed Description

Interface that provides a snapshot of ingest progress.

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Member Function Documentation

List<Snapshot> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestProgressSnapshotProvider.getIngestJobSnapshots ( )

Get a snapshot of the state of ingest jobs.

A list of ingest job snapshots.

Implemented in org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestManager.

List<IngestManager.IngestThreadActivitySnapshot> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestProgressSnapshotProvider.getIngestThreadActivitySnapshots ( )

Get a snapshot of the state of ingest threads.

A list of IngestThreadActivitySnapshot

Implemented in org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestManager.

Map<String, Long> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestProgressSnapshotProvider.getModuleRunTimes ( )

Gets the cumulative run times for the ingest module.

Map of module name to run time (in milliseconds)

Implemented in org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestManager.

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