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void addAttributeToResults (List< Result > results, SleuthkitCase caseDb, CentralRepository centralRepoDb) throws DiscoveryException
abstract DiscoveryKeyUtils.GroupKey getGroupKey (Result result)

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Base class for the grouping attributes.

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void ( List< Result results,
SleuthkitCase  caseDb,
CentralRepository  centralRepoDb 
) throws DiscoveryException

Add any extra data to the ResultFile object from this attribute.

filesThe list of results to enhance.
caseDbThe case database.
centralRepoDbThe central repository database. Can be null if not needed.

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abstract DiscoveryKeyUtils.GroupKey ( Result  result)

For a given Result, return the key for the group it belongs to for this attribute type.

resultThe result to be grouped.
The key for the group this result goes in.

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