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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI Class Reference

Inherits BasicSliderUI.

Public Member Functions

 CircularJSliderUI (JSlider slider, Dimension thumbDimension)
void paintThumb (Graphics graphic)
void paintTrack (Graphics graphic)
void update (Graphics graphic, JComponent component)

Protected Member Functions

TrackListener createTrackListener (JSlider slider)
Dimension getThumbSize ()
void scrollDueToClickInTrack (int direction)

Private Attributes

final Color thumbColor
final Dimension thumbDimension
final Color trackSeen
final Color trackUnseen

Detailed Description

Custom view for the JSlider.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.CircularJSliderUI ( JSlider  slider,
Dimension  thumbDimension 

Creates a custom view for the JSlider. This view draws a blue oval thumb at the given width and height. It also paints the track blue as the thumb progresses.

sliderJSlider component

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Member Function Documentation

TrackListener org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.createTrackListener ( JSlider  slider)

This track listener will force the thumb to be snapped to the mouse location. This makes grabbing and dragging the JSlider much easier. Using the default track listener, the user would have to click exactly on the slider thumb to drag it. Now the thumb positions itself under the mouse so that it can always be dragged.

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Dimension org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.getThumbSize ( )

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.paintThumb ( Graphics  graphic)

Modifies the View to be an oval rather than the underlying rectangle Controller.

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.paintTrack ( Graphics  graphic)

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.scrollDueToClickInTrack ( int  direction)

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.update ( Graphics  graphic,
JComponent  component 

Applies anti-aliasing if available.

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Member Data Documentation

final Color org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.thumbColor

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final Dimension org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.thumbDimension

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final Color org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.trackSeen

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final Color org.sleuthkit.autopsy.contentviewers.MediaPlayerPanel.CircularJSliderUI.trackUnseen

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