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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher Class Reference

Inherits SwingWorker< Object, Void >.

Protected Member Functions

Object doInBackground () throws Exception

Private Member Functions

QueryResults filterResults (QueryResults queryResult)
void finalizeSearcher ()
void updateKeywords ()

Private Attributes

boolean finalRun = false
SearchJobInfo job
List< String > keywordListNames
List< KeywordListkeywordLists
List< Keywordkeywords
Map< Keyword, KeywordListkeywordToList
final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.class.getName())
AggregateProgressHandle progressGroup

Detailed Description

Searcher responsible for searching the current index and writing results to blackboard and the inbox. Also, posts results to listeners as Ingest data events. Searches entire index, and keeps track of only new results to report and save. Runs as a background thread.

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Member Function Documentation

Object org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.doInBackground ( ) throws Exception
QueryResults org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.filterResults ( QueryResults  queryResult)

This method filters out all of the hits found in earlier periodic searches and returns only the results found by the most recent search.

This method will only return hits for objects for which we haven't previously seen a hit for the keyword.

queryResultThe results returned by a keyword search.
A unique set of hits found by the most recent search for objects that have not previously had a hit. The hits will be for the lowest numbered chunk associated with the object.

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.SearchJobInfo.addKeywordResults(), and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.SearchJobInfo.currentKeywordResults().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.doInBackground().

void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.finalizeSearcher ( )

Performs the cleanup that needs to be done right AFTER doInBackground() returns without relying on done() method that is not guaranteed to run.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.doInBackground().

void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.updateKeywords ( )

Sync-up the updated keywords from the currently used lists in the XML

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordList.getKeywords().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.doInBackground().

Member Data Documentation

boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.finalRun = false

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SearchJobInfo org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.job

Searcher has private copies/snapshots of the lists and keywords

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List<String> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.keywordListNames

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List<KeywordList> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.keywordLists

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List<Keyword> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.keywords

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Map<Keyword, KeywordList> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.keywordToList

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final Logger org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.logger = Logger.getLogger(IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.class.getName())

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AggregateProgressHandle org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.IngestSearchRunner.Searcher.progressGroup

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