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void generateReport (String baseReportDir, ReportProgressPanel progressPanel)
default JPanel getConfigurationPanel ()
String getDescription ()
String getName ()
String getRelativeFilePath ()

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void ( String  baseReportDir,
ReportProgressPanel  progressPanel 

Called to generate the report. Method is responsible for saving the file at the path specified and updating progress via the progressPanel object.

baseReportDirBase directory that reports are being stored in. Report should go into baseReportDir + getRelativeFilePath().
progressPanelpanel to update the report's progress with

Implemented in, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.modules.stix.STIXReportModule,, and

default JPanel ( )

Returns the configuration panel for the report, which is displayed in the report configuration step of the report wizard.

Configuration panel or null if the module does not need configuration.

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String ( )

Gets a one-line, user friendly description of the type of report this module generates.

String ( )

Get the name of the report this module generates.

String ( )

Gets the relative path of the report file, if any, generated by this module. The path should be relative to the location that gets passed in to generateReport() (or similar).

Relative path to where report will be stored. Return an empty string if the location passed to generateReport() is the output location. Return null to indicate that there is no report file.

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