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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Transaction Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void close ()
void commit ()
Boolean isClosed ()
Boolean isCommitted ()
void rollback ()

Detailed Description

interface to encapsulate database transactions

Definition at line 27 of file

Member Function Documentation

void org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Transaction.close ( )

close this Transaction so it cannot be committed or rolledback. A closed Transaction no longer has a reference to a db Connection and methods invoked on a closed Transaction have no effect.

void org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Transaction.commit ( )

commit this transaction to the database

Boolean org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Transaction.isClosed ( )
true if this transaction is closed
Boolean org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Transaction.isCommitted ( )

check whether this transaction has already been committed

whether this transaction has already been committed
void org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Transaction.rollback ( )

rollback whatever changes this transaction represents

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