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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler Class Reference

Inherits EventHandler< MouseEvent >.


class  SelectIntervalAction
class  SelectIntervalAndTypeAction
class  SelectTypeAction
class  ZoomToIntervalAction

Public Member Functions

void handle (final MouseEvent e)

Private Attributes

ContextMenu barContextMenu
final Interval interval
final Node node
final String startDateString
final EventType type

Detailed Description

EventHandler for click events on nodes representing a bar(segment) in the stacked bar chart.

Concurrency Policy: This only accesses immutable state or javafx nodes (from the jfx thread) and the internally synchronized TimeLineController

TODO: review for thread safety -jm

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Member Function Documentation

void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler.handle ( final MouseEvent  e)

Member Data Documentation

ContextMenu org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler.barContextMenu

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final Interval org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler.interval

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final Node org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler.node

Definition at line 292 of file

final String org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler.startDateString

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final EventType org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.ui.countsview.EventCountsChart.BarClickHandler.type

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