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Inherits Comparable< ArtifactData >.

Public Member Functions

int compareTo (ArtifactData otherArtifactData)
BlackboardArtifact getArtifact ()
long getArtifactID ()
List< BlackboardAttribute > getAttributes ()
Content getContent ()
long getObjectID ()
List< String > getRow ()
HashSet< String > getTags ()

Private Member Functions

List< String > getOrderedRowDataAsStrings () throws TskCoreException

Private Attributes

BlackboardArtifact artifact
List< BlackboardAttribute > attributes
Content content
List< String > rowData = null
HashSet< String > tags

Detailed Description

Container class that holds data about an Artifact to eliminate duplicate calls to the Sleuthkit database.

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Member Function Documentation

int ( ArtifactData  otherArtifactData)

Compares ArtifactData objects by the first attribute they have in common in their List<BlackboardAttribute>. Should only be used on two artifacts of the same type

If all attributes are the same, they are assumed duplicates and are compared by their artifact id. Should only be used with attributes of the same type.

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BlackboardArtifact ( )
long ( )
List<BlackboardAttribute> ( )
Content ( )
long ( )

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List<String> ( ) throws TskCoreException
List<String> ( )

Get the values for each row in the table report.

the value types of custom artifacts

A list of string representing the data for this artifact.

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HashSet<String> ( )

Member Data Documentation

List<String> = null

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