Autopsy  4.1
Graphical digital forensics platform for The Sleuth Kit and other tools.
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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.TextUtil Class Reference

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static ComponentOrientation getTextDirection (String text)
static boolean isValidSolrUTF8 (char ch)

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Text utilities

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static ComponentOrientation org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.TextUtil.getTextDirection ( String  text)

Determine and return text orientation

texttext to determine the text orientation in
detected text orientation that should be used for this type of text

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static boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.TextUtil.isValidSolrUTF8 ( char  ch)

This method determines if a passed-in Java char (16 bits) is a valid UTF-8 printable character, returning true if so, false if not.

Note that this method can have ramifications for characters outside the Unicode Base Multilingual Plane (BMP), which require more than 16 bits. We are using Java characters (16 bits) to look at the data and this will not accurately identify any non-BMP character (larger than 16 bits) ending with 0xFFFF and 0xFFFE. In the interest of a fast solution, we have chosen to ignore the extended planes above Unicode BMP for the time being. The net result of this is some non-BMP characters may be interspersed with '^' characters in Autopsy.

chthe character to test
Returns true if the character is valid UTF-8, false if not.

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