Jimmy Jungle

626 Jungle Ave Apt 2

Jungle, NY 11111




Dude, your pot must be the best Š it made the cover of High Times Magazine! Thanks for sending me the Cover Page. What do you put in your soil when you plant the marijuana seeds? At least I know your growing it and not some guy in Columbia.


These kids, they tell me marijuana isnÕt addictive, but they donÕt stop buying from me. Man, IÕm sure glad you told me about targeting the high school students. You must have some experience. ItÕs like a guaranteed paycheck. Their parents give them money for lunch and they spend it on my stuff. IÕm an entrepreneur. Am I only one you sell to? Maybe I can become distributor of the year!


I emailed you the schedule that I am using. I think it helps me cover myself and not be predictive.  Tell me what you think. To open it, use the same password that you sent me before with that file. Talk to you later.