Autopsy User Documentation  4.0
Graphical digital forensics platform for The Sleuth Kit and other tools.

Tagging (or Bookmarking) allows you to create a reference to a file or object and easily find it later.

When an interesting item is discovered, the user can tag it by right-clicking the item and selecting one of the tag options.

When you tag a Blackboard artifact result, you have the choice to either:

Which to choose depends upon the context and what you desire in the final report.


Once you have chosen to tag the file or the result, there are two more options:


You can create arbitrary tag names. Autopsy remembers your tag names from previous cases, so choose wisely. Choose a tag from the list you have created, or create a "New Tag".


You can apply tags to groups of items at once. Select multiple items in the Blackboard, right click, and add the appropriate tag. Items may have more than one tag.

Tagged results are shown in the "Results" portion of the tree under "Tags".


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