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You need to create a case before you can analyze data in Autopsy. A case can contain one or more data sources (disk images, disk devices, logical files). The data sources can be from multiple drives in a single computer or from multiple computers. It's up to you.

Each case has its own directory that is named based on the case name. The directory will contain configuration files, a database, reports, and other files that modules generates. The main Autopsy case configuration file has an ".aut" extension.

Creating a Case


There are several ways to create a new case:

The New Case wizard dialog will open and you will need to enter the case name and base directory. A directory for the case will be created inside of the "base directory". If the directory already exists, you will need to either delete the existing directory or choose a different combination of names.


NOTE: You will only have the option of making a multi-user case if you have configured Autopsy with multi-user settings. See Setting Up Multi-user Environment for installation instructions and Creating Multi-user cases for details on creating multi-user cases.

You will also be prompted for optional information, such as investigator name and case number.

After you create the case, you will be prompted to add a data source, as described in Adding a Data Source.

Opening a Case

To open a case, either:

Navigate to the case directory and select the ".aut" file.

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