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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.healthmonitor.EnterpriseHealthMonitor.TimingInfo Class Reference

Private Attributes

long count
double max
double min
double sum

Detailed Description

Internal class for collecting timing metrics. Instead of storing each TimingMetric, we only store the min and max seen and the number of metrics and total duration to compute the average later. One TimingInfo instance should be created per metric name, and additional timing metrics will be added to it.

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Member Data Documentation

long org.sleuthkit.autopsy.healthmonitor.EnterpriseHealthMonitor.TimingInfo.count

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double org.sleuthkit.autopsy.healthmonitor.EnterpriseHealthMonitor.TimingInfo.max

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double org.sleuthkit.autopsy.healthmonitor.EnterpriseHealthMonitor.TimingInfo.min

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double org.sleuthkit.autopsy.healthmonitor.EnterpriseHealthMonitor.TimingInfo.sum

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